Asella, Ethiopia

In partnership with Christian Horizons, Ryan’s Rays is raising money to improve Inclusive Education in Ethiopia, a country known for its ‘13 months of sunshine.’ Specifically, money raised will support Horizons Academy, a school in Asella that is a model of inclusive education.


Project plans include:

  • Renovate, expand and properly equip inclusive education classrooms to create a positive learning environment and address the physical needs of students with a variety of disabilities in order to serve the needs of the students who currently attend and also increase the school’s capacity to serve more children with disabilities.
  • Hold panel discussions with leaders and parents in Ethiopia about the importance of inclusive education and the role of parents, leaders, educators and supervisors in facilitating and supporting this cause.

Project Background

Thanks to donors, Christian Horizons has had the opportunity to provide inclusive education to over 2,500 children in Ethiopia. From the first renovation of an inclusive classroom in 2006 until today where that school is a model for inclusive education, donors have allowed Christian Horizons to make a difference in more than 110 classrooms in Ethiopia. Today, Christian Horizons continues to strengthen the Ethiopian school system through training teachers, renovating classrooms and training communities in the value of communities where all belong.
In addition to their work with the public school system, Christian Horizons recently launched a model inclusive school called Horizons Academy. This new school is pushing the envelope in providing the very best in inclusive education for children with and without disabilities. Having run a successful preschool program for the last six years, starting with just 30 children, Horizons Academy began this past school year with over 300 students. It has become known as a place for quality education and children are bussed in over great distances to attend. Our hope is that as the future leaders of Asella grow up, the inclusive education they received will help form the ideas of what it means to belong.

About Christian Horizons

Christian Horizons is a non-profit, faith-based charitable organization that operates more than 200 residences, serving nearly 2000 people with exceptional needs and their families in Ontario and Saskatchewan. Christian Horizons Global serves people living in exceptional circumstances in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Guatemala, Haiti and Nicaragua, including people with intellectual or physical disabilities, people affected by HIV/AIDS, children at risk who have been orphaned or abandoned and communities affected by extreme poverty.



Asella, also Asela is a town and separate woreda in central Ethiopia. Located in the Arsi Zone of the Oromia Region about 175 kilometres from the capital Addis Ababa

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